Getting Started


Select Player


Select Your Player Number


Moduli supports saving the progress of up to ten different players. Simply tap the player number tile until you are at the player number you wish to use and then tap New Game/Continue to start playing!


Chapter and Episodes


Chapters and Episodes


Moduli is divided into chapters each of which contains ten episodes and one hidden number puzzle. You can switch between chapters by tapping the arrows on either side. Typically, episodes will initially be locked and are unlocked by successfully completing one of the preceding puzzles. To play an episode, tap to select it and then tap Start!


End Game Menu




After solving the puzzle, you will have the option to either replay the original puzzle, play a randomized bonus version of the same puzzle or return to the episode selector. The ability to play unlimited randomized bonus versions of the puzzles allows you the opportunity to fully master each puzzle. You are also recognized on the episode selector for your level of achievement with each episode: Completing the original puzzle awards you with laurels. Completing one or two bonuses awards you with a pedestal and a decorative urn, respectively.



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